giovedì 27 agosto 2015

Sushi Brooch by Coucou Suzette

Anyone like sushi? I sure do! I like sushi so much that I even wear it ;)
Doesn’t this sushi brooch look just like the real thing?? It’s from Coucou Suzette.

Coucou Suzette’s jewelry and accessories are all handmade by the très belle and talented, Juliette Mallet, at her workshop in Paris. Her work has a distinctive kitsch and ethnic influenced style, inspired by her travels, particularly to Japan where she continued to study Art for a period of time after studying it in Paris. In fact, you’ll notice gorgeous sushi earrings, sushi necklaces and sushi brooches in her shop. I love her maki necklace (here) and tamago sushi brooch here (perfect if you don’t like raw fish!!). Juliette’s talent doesn’t stop at sushi though.

At Coucou Suzette, you’ll find other fun pieces such as a ceramic pizza necklace, African inspired bracelets and necklaces, watermelon earrings, ice cream earrings, clay pin-up necklaces, cute pins and patches for your clothes and....boobie earrings, necklaces and rings!
I even pulled out my soy sauce and wasabi for this.
Itadakimasu! Oh this brooch also understands French so, bon appetit!
Ciao a tutti! Chi di voi ama il sushi? A me piace così tanto che lo indosso pure ;) Questa spilla incredible, fatta di ceramica, che sembra un vero pezzo di sushi, è di Coucou Suzette, un negozio situato in Francia. La proprietaria del negozio e la creatrice degli accessori è la bella e talentuosa Juliette Mallet. Il suo stile è molto particolare, ispirata al kitsch e all’etnico. Dalle sue creazioni si intravede la sua passione per il Giappone, dove ha continuato a studiare Arte dopo averlo studiato a Parigi. Date un’occhiata a questa collana maki bellissima e questa spilla tamago sushi (perfetta, se non vi piace il pesce crudo!!).

Oltre ai sushi, troverete collane di pizza ceramica, orecchini a forma di anguria, braccialetti etnici e molti altri oggetti originalissimi. Infatti, le creazioni di Coucou Suzette sono pezzi unici o molto limitati. Io sto già addocchiando un'altra spilla di sushi... la spedizione era molto tempestiva a proposito! Tenetevi aggiornati seguendo Coucous Suzette sui siti in basso:

Just look at the rice and the glossy salmon sashimi on top! This sushi brooch was hand molded, painted and covered with shiny resin. Juliette loves making these so you’ll notice many items that are made out of glazed ceramic at Coucou Suzette.

I loved the beautiful packaging too.... look at those funny sumo wrestlers on the envelope! They better stay away from my nigiri!! Coucou Suzette offers worldwide delivery and the delivery was très quick indeed.

Do note that all items from Coucou Suzette are unique and very limited. You can keep track of new items by following Coucou Suzette on the below sites:


lunedì 24 agosto 2015

The Happiness Boutique

Wouldn't it be nice if you could buy and spread happiness?
 Well now you can thanks to the Happiness Boutique!

It's no surprise so many ladies in the blogopshere and the real world are buzzing about this international online clothing, accessories and jewelry boutique. You'll find numerous items from statement necklaces to phone accessories, dresses to bags, all trendy yet with a vintage flair. Quality is very important to the Happiness Boutique as is their mission. Happiness Boutique has a purpose: to make women look good, feel happy and thereupon spread happiness. 

Happiness Boutique is based in Germany and they offer free worldwide shipping. Shipping is very fast and as you can see from the above picture, the jewelry pieces are beautifully and securely wrapped. Each box comes with a business card, a thank you note, an inspiring quote and cute tips from Grandma on maintaining jewelry!

The beautiful necklace I'm wearing below is the Jasmine Flower Necklace, available here. The Jasmine Stud Earrings are available here.  They're delicate, feminine and go perfectly with my tiki-tropical outfits! 
Mission happiness, accomplished! ;)

Buondì a tutti, dicono che la felicità non si può comprare ma ora esiste un negozio dove si può fare!! Si chiama Happiness Boutique, ed è un negozio online situato in Germania ma che spedisce ovunque e la spedizione e gratuita in tutto il mondo. Sono sicura che ne avrete già sentito parlare, tantissime blogger stanno impazzendo per le collane bellissime del Happiness Boutique. Inoltre alle collane, vendono anche vestiti, altri gioelli, accessori, tutti stilosi e con un tocco di vintage. Infatti, come potete vedere la collana e orecchini gelsomino che ho scelto sono delicatissimi e anche di eccellente qualità.

Questo negozio è molto particolare perché ha una missione: quello di far stare bene le donne, che poi si sentono felici e dopodiché trasmettono la felicità, perché la felicità è contaggiosa. Inoltre, offrono una cosa molto carina, il customer reward program (qui), dove accumulando punti, puoi ottenere gioielli e vestiti gratis dal Happiness Boutique. Spero di avervi reso un po' happy con questa notizia! :)


Happiness Boutique also offers a customer reward program (click here for more details), where you accumulate points and then receive free jewelry or clothing items from the boutique! You can also receive coupons and discounts by subscribing to their newsletter on their website. Hope this news brings you happiness!

So next time someone tells you ''You can't buy happiness,'' tell them to go to you know where.....the Happiness Boutique, of course!! :)

martedì 18 agosto 2015

Miss Cherry Makewell

Hamburgers and french fries on a headscarf?! Is this a dream??

Nope! This mouthwatering headscarf is from Miss Cherry Makewell
a shop that truly exists!

Inspired by retro and vintage fashion, Miss Cherry Makewell offers adorable, fun and kitschy accessories, all handmade with love by the shop's owner and designer, Jodie Dubberley (a.k.a. Miss Cherry Makewell). Jodie is not only a sweetheart, she also has a French Bulldog whose name is Elvis!!! Need I say more? ;)

You can also find Miss Cherry Makewell's accessories at vintage festivals and events in the United Kingdom, where this store is based.  If I lived in the UK, I would for sure be ogling her stall like a maniac but thankfully, online purchases and worldwide delivery is possible! I was impressed in fact by how speedy the delivery was. Miss Cherry immediately sent out the package so it got to my door before I could say ''Hamburgers and fries!''

Isn't Miss Cherry Makewell's logo so cute?

   The moment I laid eyes on this Burger and Fries Headscarf, I knew I had to have it on my head (and almost in my stomach). Not only is it such a quirky headscarf, it's soft (100% cotton), the ends are beautifully tapered and the length is perfect. What's even more fantastic is that this scarf is reversible (with burgers on one side and fries on the other) so you can choose which yummy side to wear and you're getting two exclusive headscarves for the price of one! 

Look at the amazing details: olives, pickles, bacon and melted cheese!!!

Oh and those golden fries......

Buon pomeriggio a tutti, questo non è un sogno. 
Ci sono veramente hamburger e patatine succulenti su questa fascia per capelli! La troverete da Miss Cherry Makewell, un negozio in Inghilterra la cui proprietaria è la dolcissima, Jodie Dubberley. Lei crea questi accessori spiritosissimi per capelli, tutti a mano e perfetti per un look divertente e rockabilly! Di tutte le mie fasce per i capelli, questa è la mia preferita (ovvio! ;)), non solo per la fantasia deliziosa ma anche per la qualità, la morbidezza e il fatto che è reversibile: ci sono gli hamburger da un lato e le patatine dall'altro. Due fasce per il prezzo di uno! Se non vi piace il cibo spazzatura (scusa ma non possiamo essere amici), troverete altre fantasie originalissimi da Miss Cherry Makewell. Ed è meglio sbrigarvi perché vanno molto a ruba! Spedisce anche in Italia, e devo dire che inaspettatamente la mia fascia è arrivata in pochissimi giorni! <3


I own many headscarves but this one from Miss Cherry Makewell is my favorite. If you're not a fan of junk food, we cannot be friends but no worries, you'll also find plenty of fruity, flowery and polka dotty headscarves at Miss Cherry Makewell. Look out for her headscarves made out of incredible vintage comic fabric, those with a candy shop motif, a Hello Kitty pattern and much more!

Whether you're having a bad hair day or a great hair day, Miss Cherry Makewell's beautiful bows and spunky headscarves are perfect for rockin' a playful, rockabilly look! She's the go-to place for exceptional headscarves, all jam-packed with personality! I'm already eyeing her Halloween Black Cat and Pumpkin headscarf...

So cherries, grab your favorite Miss Cherry Makewell hair accessories before they're sold out and keep your eyes peeled for new designs, competitions and announcements by following her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter:

domenica 16 agosto 2015

Cat earrings and bracelet from HandeMadeIt

Hi dolls,

I discovered an online jewellery shop called HandeMadeIt that offers such fun jewellery that you can't help grinning at their sight! All pieces from HandeMadeIt are....handmade! The shop is based in Turkey but if you don't live there, don't worry, they ship worldwide for free (use coupon code: IAMFREE). You'll not only find super cute brooches and earrings, but also beautiful bohemian style necklaces and bracelets here:

Now, I am thrilled to announce that I found the perfect Top Model to wear a pair of earrings and a bracelet from HandeMadeIt. I'm so lucky that she found time in her busy schedule for this photoshoot. The super model is.........
My mother! :)))

My mamma's blog can be seen here

These 3D Cat Earrings are available here
A few other fun items from HandeMadeIt (all pictures from

Crab brooch (too funny!! This would make a perfect gift for a Cancerian!)
 You can find it here
Panda brooch and earrings set available here
Are you a hippy soul? Hippie Volkswagen bus brooch and earrings available here!
Pink fabric necklace available here
Butterfly evil eye bracelets available here
Buongiorno a tutti! Ho scoperto recentemente un negozio di gioielli fatti a mano, bellissimi e simpaticissimi. Il negozio si chiama Handemadeit, ed è situato in Turchia ma per fortuna, vendono online e spediscono ovunque. La spedizione è gratis se usate il codice coupon: IAMFREE

La Top Model in alto -richiestissima-  che sfoggia gli orecchini a forma di gatto e braccialetto di Handemadeit, è mia madre (potete dare un occhiata al suo blog qui) :) Come potetete vedere, questo negozio vende accessori per tutti i gusti. Per essere aggiornati sui saldi, novità e giveaway, seguite Handemadeit su Facebook, Instagram e Twitter in basso:


These above are just a few items available on HandeMadeIt but there are so many more. If you check them out, surely there'll be something that'll tickle your fancy! Also, keep your eyes open for sales, coupons, giveaways and new items on HandeMadeIt's Facebook and Instagram:

giovedì 13 agosto 2015

Soda and Cupcakes

Hi cookies, just a quick post.
Hope you're not suffering from the 'Summertime Blues' and that 
you're twistin' again, like you did last summer! :)

Here's some soda and cupcakes for you!

Ciao biscottini, un post veloce oggi.
Spero che stiate godendo l'estate e che siete a-a-bbronzatissime! 
Ecco delle bevande fresche e dei cupcakes per voi ;)

Sayonara for now -

domenica 9 agosto 2015

Hey Sailor

No outfit is complete without an accessory and I know just the place 
to go for eye-catching accessories!

Hey Sailor is an online retro style and vintage jewellery and accessories boutique. This shop, based in the United Kingdom, offers a fantastic selection of genuine vintage accessories as well as novel items created by independent designers. You'll find plenty of cute, fun and offbeat accessories, including brooches, statement necklaces, retro sunglasses, scarves, bags, hair accessories, i-phone covers and much much more!

Here is a rockin' vintage guitar brooch from Hey Sailor. Isn't it fabulous? 
^Look, it's Hey Sailor's cute pin!  :)
Dolcezze, sappiamo che nessun outfit è completo senza almeno un accessorio, e voglio rivelarvi un boutique online che vende accessori e gioielli vintage e stile retrò molto giocosi ed accativanti! Si chiama Hey Sailor (, ed è situato in Inghilterra ma spediscono anche in italia, tranquille! 

Io ho la loro spilla chitarra elettrica vintage ma troverete anche borse a forma di palla da baseball, occhiali da sole retrò, collane con la scritta ''be happy'', custodie i-phone a forma di contenitore di latte, decorazioni hamburger per le unghia e molto di più. Gli accessori di Hey Sailor sono originalissimi quindi si capisce perché i loro prodotti vanno a ruba. Date un occhiata al loro negozio se volete dare un tocco simpatico e particolare al vostro look! 

Needless to say, I'm delighted with this brooch. Hey Sailor's accessories and jewellery really add pizzaz to your outfit! Furthermore, the delivery was very speedy and the staff is so friendly and efficient.

Where else will you find a baseball bag, a ''be happy'' necklace, a vintage lipstick brooch, a milk carton i-phone case and junk food nail decals?? Be quirky and quickly grab the objects of your desire at Hey Sailor, before they're gone! Also follow Hey Sailor on FB, Twitter and Instagram, to be notified of new products, giveaways and some serious eye candy (not talking only about jewellery here)! ;)

Online boutique:

mercoledì 5 agosto 2015

Dolly and Dotty


I finally found a rockabilly paradise on earth. 

If you haven't yet visited Dolly and Dotty's shop, darling, you must instantly put on your best lipstick and dash over there!:

Dolly and Dotty is a vintage and retro inspired clothing brand based in the UK. Their collection includes head-turning dresses that will literally make you (as well as the headturners) swoon. All dresses are designed by Dolly and Dotty's wonderful and talented team. They have a dreamy selection of fitted, wiggle dresses and flared dresses in flowery prints, polka dot patterns, gingham and beautifully vibrant colors. You'll find irresistible diner style, sailor style, Audrey Hepburn style, swingin' fifties style dresses and many more at Dolly and Dotty.

Here I am wearing the enticing Petal V-neck Swing Cherry Print Dress by Dolly and Dotty and its matching headscarf:

I think my chihuahua wanted to eat me when he saw all these luscious cherries!
Carissime, ho scoperto un negozio chiamato Dolly and Dotty, ovvero un paradiso per le rockabelle! Questa marca stile retrò/vintage è specializzata in abiti rockabilly, bellissime da mozzare il fiato. Quì troverete vestiti a pois, a quadretti, stile Audrey Hepburn e in tutti i colori vivaci dell'arcobaleno. Hanno davvero catturato l'essenza e il glamour degli anni 50 e 60 con i loro modelli. 

Come potete vedere, questo vestito delizioso mi sta a pennello; è bello aderente al punto vita ed è svasato, in perfetto stile anni cinquanta. La qualità è eccellente, come il servizio. Un negozio consigliatissimo. Se volete sembrare una bambola (o una diva!) degli anni 50, recatevi da Dolly e Dotty. Perché ogni donna è una pin-up, e Dolly e Dotty sa come tirarla fuori!


As you can see, this delicious Dolly and Dotty dress, nips in the waist and flares out in true 1950s style. The dress also comes with a matching belt to further emphasize the waist. It fits perfectly. Dolly and Dotty's dresses make you feel like a sirenI'm very impressed by the design and the quality of the fabric (soft cotton). The service was excellent and speedy too, and yes, they do ship worldwide! 

Dolly and Dotty really captures the glamour and the spirit of the fifties and the sixties, while adding a splash of modern. 

So darlings, if you want to look like a 1950s doll or diva, bop over to Dolly and Dotty. 
Every woman has an inner pin-up, and Dolly and Dotty know exactly how to bring her out!