martedì 19 luglio 2016

My Zaful Wishlist

Hi there Cats and Kittens,

Hope you're enjoying the summer! I have another Wishlist that I just have to show you and this time all of the items are from

Let me expose you to the objects of my desire and let's see if your eyes get tempted too! :) Click on the pink text for more details:
'Cause a girl can't have enough fruity dresses!
Imagine sipping on a Pina Colada......
 or biting into a watermelon wedge while wearing these! ;)
I love nautical style and tropical prints. I never thought I'd be into leopard print but it's actually very rockabilly and this bikini screams Bettie Page! 
Clockwise from top left:
Can you refuse polka dots and stripes?? No siree!

I've always liked vintage, Mexican style outfits. One day, I'll show you some Mexican inspired looks of mine. In the meanwhile, the above top and skirt 
would make a muy bonito ensemble!
Yup, I'm already looking for winter dresses and these two are perfection - 
so classy!
Many of you may know by now how much I love rockabilly (real, original 1950s rockabilly) and country music. I'd love to wear these two western style dresses above with cowboy boots, strummin' my ol' guitar. Tweedle dee! :)
               Oh and I just gotta have this music note skirt (too)! 


Niente male la mia nuova Wishlist vero?? Ho scelto dei capi ispirati al vintage, al rockabilly, al western....degli abiti ''fruttati'', bikini stile marinaro e con stampe tropicali...e ho anche aggiunto un po' di stile vintage, Messicano, che mi è sempre piaciuto. Poi non potevo non includere la gonna con fantasia a note musicali!!! Tutti i capi sono di ZAFUL. Conoscete questa marca?? Ciao bambole!

lunedì 11 luglio 2016

Rosegal Dresses Review

Hi Guys and Dolls,

In my previous post, I showed you my Wishlist, bursting with retro-style items from and in today's post I'm going to show you two dresses I got from this fantastic, online clothing shop!

Rosegal has a great selection of clothes and accessories, both for women and for men. By accessories, I don't mean just hats, sunglasses and jewelry. You'll even find makeup, party supplies and kitchen tools at this online store! What impresses me is not just the vast variety of items that you can find at Rosegal, but also the affordable prices (and free world wide shipping!) and the vintage-inspired selection!!! You all know how my eyes turn into big hearts when I see anything vintage-style! Rosegal caters to every taste however. Whether you like classic, fifties style fashion or cute, modern, Asian fashion or eccentric, statement clothing, Rosegal will ensure your shopping cart is full :)

Without further ado, here is the first dress I received from Rosegal;
This is the perfect, red, rockabilly, halter dress! 
Look at the polka dots and cute little buttons in the front! <3 
I like how the dress nips in the waist and I love the sweetheart neckline. 
Both qualities make this dress very feminine and flattering! 
As you can see, this is the kind of dress that looks amazing with and without a petticoat, thanks to the 1950s style, floaty skirt: 
Being a halter dress, there are two straps that you tie around your neck, easily adjusting to your body.
Shake, rattle and roll down the stairs! Haha
 This dress is 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It's soft and it has just the right amount of thickness, being neither too thin nor too thick. I'm really impressed with the quality. As for sizing, I followed the chart on Rosegal's website and chose the smallest size, S. The dress fits me to a T so I can confirm that it runs true to size. Lengthwise, this dress covers my knees, reaching a bit below them, which is exactly what I like and look for in a '50s style dress. 

On to the second Rosegal dress!

I chose this dress because of the gorgeous, Hawaiian inspired, floral print! 
I love it because you can dress it up and wear it to a cocktail party or 
you can wear it on a lovely summer's day, at the beach. 
Yes, this dress has pockets!!! <3
This dress is also great quality, made out of stretchy material that perfectly hugs your body in the right places! I chose a size Small, following the bust and waist measurements, indicated on Rosegal's chart and you can see that it fits me perfectly. The dress also came with a cute, little belt made out of the same fabric. Oh, and did I mention that the dress has pockets??

      ....And the Final Verdict is.....

There's nothing not to love about the two dresses I have from Rosegal! The dresses are dreamy, the prices are very convenient, the quality is great, as is the service. Not only is the staff efficient and quick to respond to your queries, can you believe that I received the package in only 4 days?? I'm very satisfied with my experience at Rosegal. I hope you found my review helpful and I'm sure you'll find some eye candy (for you to wear!) at Rosegal.

giovedì 30 giugno 2016

My Rosegal Wishlist

Hi dolls, 

How's your summer going?? I'm melting from the heat, but hopefully, in style! :) Speaking of which, there are so many retro and vintage inspired items that I want from Rosegal. Here is my wishlist. Luckily, the prices are affordable so this wishlist can become a wish-came-true list! ;) You'll notice lots of polka dots, gingham and fruit in my selection. Click on the pink text for more details:  

1.) Chic Halter Plaid Ruffled One-Piece Women's Swimwear 2.) Stylish Halter Polka Dot Women's Bikini Set 

3.) Vintage Jewel Neck Sleeveless Strawberry Print Flare Dress For Women

4.) Casual High Waist Lemon Print Skirt For Women

5.) Retro Style Sweetheart Neck Sleeveless Polka Dot Women's Dress 

6.) Vintage Women's Plaid Jewel Neck Sleeveless Dress

11.) Vintage Halterneck Cherry A-Line Dress For Women

Ciao bambole! Spero che vi sia piaciuta la mia wishlist su Rosegal. Questi sono i miei capi preferiti, ispirati al vintage e al rockabilly e come avete visto, ho scelto dei pezzi davvero fruttati! ;) Adoro vestiti e accessori a tema di frutta. Con questo caldo mi è venuta una sete.....mi sa che vado a farmi un frullato!

lunedì 20 giugno 2016

Rockabilly Cupcake Earrings by Milushka

Calling all modern pin ups, rockabellas and sweet tooths!

As you can tell from this post's title, today I have something deliciously sweet for your eyes (and ears) .......
 My new pair of Double Cherry Polka Dot Cupcake Stud Earrings by Milushka:
The owner and creator of Milushka ( is.....Milushka! She is a talented artist from Zagreb, Croatia, who is passionate about art, cupcakes and rockabilly/pin up style. Merging her passions, Milushka's unique style is evident by taking a look at her beautiful creations. Her shop offers a gorgeous, pin-up inspired collection of jewelry and accessories, all handmade by herself.
^I think Milushka's cupcakes à la rockabilly are perfection! Wouldn't you agree? 
Look at those cherries, the frosting and the polka dot cupcake liners! 
Oh and in case you haven't noticed, the cupcakes are chocolate mmmm <3

These earrings are even prettier in person. Being the extreme sweet and chocolate lover myself, I would eat these studs but then I wouldn't be able to wear them and that would be a shame! ;) I love that they're the perfect size and that the colors go perfectly with my rockabilly outfits. You can find the earrings in different color combinations too, though! Excellent service and communication, and tempting - fun - classy, rockabilly inspired jewelry is what you'll find at Milushka. To tempt you even more, here are some of my favorites: 

Here is beautiful Milushka herself, wearing her Minnie Mouse Cupcake Brooch 

Lindy Hop Swing Jazz Dancers Short Necklace:Summer Fruit Hibiscus, Watermelon, Pineapple Cupcake Necklace Pendants:Double Cherry Polka Dot Earrings (drop version):

Ciao dolcetti,

Allora, vi hanno fatto venire un languorino questi orecchini cupcake stile rockabilly di Milushka?? Meravigliosi anche le spille, la collana e i ciondoli, vero? Milushka è un artista Croata, bellissima e talentuosissima che adora l'arte, le cupcake e lo stile pin up/rockabilly. Infatti, tutte le sue creazioni, fatti a mano da lei, riflettono questo suo stile unico e ispirato al retrò. Lei poi è dolce come le sue creazioni :) Già, NOTIZIONA: Milushka sta offrendo gentilmente, spedizione gratuita a tutte voi che leggete questo post, fino al 30 Giugno! Quindi approffitatene, visitate il negozio di Milushka ( e usate il codice: CARAMELLA.



Last but not least, here's a surprise for you ladies: Milushka is as sweet as her creations and she is kindly offering you free shipping until June 30th! Head over to Milushka's Etsy store here and use the code: CARAMELLA.

Bye for now, cupcakes!

domenica 12 giugno 2016

Elvis Style: From Zoot Suits to Jumpsuits by Zoey Goto

Hi guys and dolls!

Oh, do I have such a treat to show you and speak to you about today! Several days ago, the postman delivered a package and I knew what it was before opening it. When it comes to Elvis, I develop a sixth sense! It was the book I've been waiting for. The book we've all been waiting for: 

Elvis Style is a book that beautifully commemorates Elvis Presley and his groundbreaking style. This is a must-have book for Elvis fans and I don't think there is anybody who isn't a fan of Elvis! We all know that Elvis is one of the most important, most influential figures in the world of music. He left an impact when he made his breakthrough and he continues to inspire and will continue inspiring millions of people, not only musically, but also aesthetically. This is what Elvis Style is about: the greatest singer, performer and entertainer that ever walked this earth, as an eternal style icon.

The author of Elvis Style: From Zoot Suits to Jumpsuits, is Zoey Goto, a fashion and design journalist. Reading the book, you can tell how much time and passion she devoted to writing this beautiful homage to The King of Rock'n'Roll, focusing on and recognizing him as The King of Style too. Zoey Goto even met Elvis' tailor and she got to sleep in the bedroom where Elvis used to sleep as a teenager!!! Now that's real hands-on research! :)

Zoey Goto thoroughly and meticulously covers everything pertaining to Elvis' unique style, from head to toe (literally, from his signature pompadour to his Blue Suede Shoes or more precisely, white suede shoes. You'll know what I mean when you read the book!).  The book walks you through Elvis' style evolution, from the 1950s to the 1970s and examines not only his outfits and hair, but also his food, his cars and his houses. You'll become an Elvis expert after reading Elvis Style!!! The book contains so many fascinating facts about The King that I didn't know about. I won't reveal any, for your ease of suspense! ;)
Elvis Style also contains plenty of gorgeous photos for the pleasure of your eyes.
Elvis Style a dream to me. Many of you know that Elvis has always been my idol, my hero and my number one source of inspiration, musically.  Since the past few years, he's also whom I look up to for style inspiration. I voraciously read the book and I'm not saying it just because I'm an Elvis devotee! The book transports you to Elvis' world and gives you a deep insight to it, including his preferences and his way of being. Elvis Style is written in such an interesting manner that you'll be hooked from the first page. Or from the cover actually ;) I also really like how the book contains Elvis quotes and inputs from numerous people who knew him. It adds an intimate, ''up close and personal'' quality. Figures in the fashion industry, also comment on the imprint he has left in the fashion world.

So, after swooning at the incredible photographs of handsome Elvis, learning about his tastes, about his continuous presence in the contemporary world, and after drooling over Chapter 3 (Elvis Food), I'm going to continue dreaming about the man who revolutionized the world of music and the world of fashion; the one and only: Elvis Presley.

I highly recommend Elvis Style by Zoey Goto. You will be ooohing and aaahing, reading this book. Guaranteed.

Elvis Style is available here on Amazon.

martedì 31 maggio 2016

Tutti Frutti

Aren't the buttons on this skirt, so cute??
Sorry for showing you my behind (haha).
As you can see, the pleats and folds make this skirt very particular, 
giving it a mermaid-like silhouette.
Scusate il sedere :D Come potete vedere, la gonna ha delle pieghe molto particolari dietro....creando una forma quasi a sirena.
Banana earrings from Shiny Stuff Creations
Feeling Fruity necklace from SBLNGRVLRY

So guys and dolls: eat your fruit, at least 5 portions a day!
 I should practice what I preach.......well, at least I wear lots of fruits ;)))
Mi raccomando bambole, mangiate tanta frutta! Dicono almeno cinque porzioni al giorno. Anch'io dovrei mangiare più frutta.......beh almeno la indosso! :)